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Gold soon at USD 10,000 (February 2022)
or is a gold producer right after all?

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Ukraine crisis 2022 - and unfair advantages for Auvesta customers

Is the gold price benefiting from the Ukraine crisis and inflation in Western economies?

Historically, geopolitical crises, whether political or financial, are often a reason for rising gold prices. So, is the gold price facing a "golden" year in 2022?

On a geopolitical level, the situation in the Ukraine and Eastern Europe is explosive for all involved. How will the geopolitical future of the Ukraine develop and what impact will this have on the global financial markets and the gold price?

At the macroeconomic level, inflation rates have been rising for several months in both the euro zone and the UK, as well as in America. Inflation is also a classic gold price driver.

But how far will the prices of gold and silver rise?


Three scenarios on the gold price:

1. The realistic and conservative scenario

The mint Heraeus has published a detailed dossier at the beginning of the year 2022 regarding the subject "Gold price development and silver price development". The analysis considers many factors, including the issue of possible interest rate hikes in America. The experts of Heraeus come to the following price forecast until the end of 2022:

Forecast gold*: USD 1,700 to USD 2,120

Forecast silver*: USD 20.00 to USD 32.00
*per troy ounce (oz)


2. The USD 10,000 Gold Scenario

If military crises continue to come to a head in 2022, this could quickly lead to very dramatic jumps in prices for gold and silver. If, in addition, the stock markets come under pressure, this can act like an accelerant. The year 2011 (for silver) and the year 2020 (for gold) have shown how quickly things can go up. With a massive devaluation of money (inflation) these forecasts are absolutely impossible?


Forecast gold*: USD 5,000 to USD 10,000

Forecast silver*: USD 100.00 to USD 250.00
*per troy ounce (oz)


3. The unthinkable (but realistic) scenario

One scenario that most people are not aware of is a scenario that is quite common. Namely, simply that there is no physical gold and silver. In 2020 and 2021, there were phases where physical gold and silver were simply sold out at many suppliers.

Forecast Gold: --- (sold out!)

Forecast silver: --- (sold out!)


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Auvesta customers have an unfair advantage

You as a customer of Auvesta have been able to buy precious metals at any time in 2020, as well as in 2021. This was not always possible with other precious metal dealers. Why?

During crises and difficult market phases, Auvesta massively expands its stocks. Thus, Auvesta customers can buy gold and silver even during the crisis. The metals in Auvesta's warehouses are without exception LBMA-certified Good Delivery bars. In contrast to classic bullion coins, Good Delivery bars offer a significantly higher availability and delivery reliability.

At Auvesta we are prepared for many scenarios. We will be a reliable partner even in difficult market phases, where you can buy real physical gold and silver.

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Best regards, your Auvesta expert team


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